Olongapo City Coronavirus Cases Top 300 in 'Highest Spike'

Olongapo was a low-risk area in the Philippine heartland, for the past few weeks, Covid-19 cases continue to rise as the city surpasses 300 cases.

Firefighters from Olongapo City Fire Station disinfects the ambulance and personnel of Olongapo City health department. Olongapo City Fire Station
September 15, 2020

Olongapo City was a low-risk sector of Covid-19 in Central Luzon - the heartland of Luzon, Philippines - it now has the highest tally of people infected with the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) within its province, Zambales. On September 15, it surpassed the 300 case mark, with a total of 308 virus cases. A significant addition after four months of being a low-risk sector for Covid-19, and some weeks, partially coronavirus-free, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The city mayor, Atty. Rolen Paulino Jr. confirmed 24 cases on September 13 that were followed by 12 new cases after two days. Twenty-four (24) Covid-19 cases in a single day was the highest tally of the Local Government Unit (L.G.U.) of Olongapo City. The death toll in the city jumped to 13 while 179 people were reportedly recovered from the disease. 116 patients are still trying to recover from Covid-19 and are in active case condition. Within the 174 recovered patients, most of them, which are asymptomatic, were indicated as "recovered" after their 14-day quarantine. Mr. Paulino expressed his concern to patients currently recovering from Covid-19, "Ipanalangin po natin ang pag-galing ng iba pang Covid-19 patients. Mag-ingat po tayong lahat." (Let's pray for the recovery of other Covid-19 patients. Take care everyone.) A tragic event happened on August 20, after a woman who is also a new mom died 6 days later after giving birth to a baby. She underwent cesarean procedure at a government hospital according to Mr. Paulino. Details about her, the baby, and her condition have not been released. Covid-19 patients of Olongapo City may have contracted the virus from their workplace and from travelling. According to the latest City Health report, A private hospital and a company inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, which is to believe the Subic Bay International Terminal Corporation (S.B.I.T.C.), have been linked to a number of the city's most recent cases. As of September 15, Olongapo City's newest Covid-19 testing center is currently under construction near the village of Kalaklan. Olongapo City Information Center Meanwhile, a Covid-19 testing center of Olongapo City is currently underway and ongoing construction. The new Covid-19 testing site is located along the national highway near Kalaklan village's "parola." Near the city is Subic Bay Freeport Zone, where in total cases of Covid-19 is still unclear. The Philippine Red Cross (P.R.C.) has refitted an old Dunkin Donut store near the freeport's Park N' Shop area to a Covid-19 swab center. Addition to the latest updates within the freeport, in August, a key official from the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (S.B.M.A.) has recovered from Covid-19 along with her companions. Other information remains confidential and The Times sources will remain anonymous. In the entire Central Luzon, 11,506 people were infected by the virus. At least 7,724 people, more than half of the total cases, were indicated as recovered patients. Sadly, the virus took the lives of 161 people within the region.


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