The former Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction (HHIC) Subic Shipyard is now called Agila Subic, after U.S. firm Cerberus Capital Management acquired the shipyard last April 2022 as part of a 50-year lease.

Two (2) tenants will make the shipyard their home: the Philippine Navy which already prepared the shipyard's northern section. While the other is an American military contractor Vectrus Inc., which provides the U.S. military with logistics, engineering and other services and will occupy most of the shipyard.

This is an indication that Philippine and U.S. Navy ships will be seen from Subic Bay Freeport's waterfront and that ships from both navies will be stationed in a strategic location facing the West Philippine Sea.

Vectrus will hire many of the former Filipino H.H.I.C. employees and shipyard workers, as they bring their shipbuilding and repair experience with them.


All kinds of warships can be accommodated by the shipyard including all naval assets of the Philippine Navy and even foreign ships such as the Nimitz-class supercarriers of the U.S. Navy.

The new "Naval Operating Base Subic" (NOB Subic) will also house most of Philippine Navy's major organizations. It will be the future headquarters of the following: Naval Sea Systems Command, the Philippine Fleet, Offshore Combat Force, and Sealift Amphibious Force, which are all currently stationed in Sangley Point in Cavite.

On the 15th day of May, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (S.B.M.A.) also conducted a site inspection of the future Agila Subic facility and the N.O.B. Subic.