The rising caseload of Covid-19 in Olongapo City is most likely due to people travelling to high-risk areas such as Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, among other places. And just like those places, if the people of Olongapo City fails to address the growing number of Covid-19 patients, then there's a big chance that cases would skyrocket.

If it rises, then this city, which is considered one of the most low-risk sectors for Covid-19 in the Philippines will have more cases than usual. Just like what's happening in July and unfortunately, this month as well.

Olongapo City was partially Coronavirus-free when President Rodrigo Duterte imposed the Enhanced Community Quarantine (E.C.Q.) in the Philippines. For the past few months, the city only had fourteen (14) cases.


As the Philippine economy grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, Mr. Duterte lifted the strict lockdown in June.

The month of June was doing good, at least, during its early days. Then one day, a new case was reported by the Olongapo City mayor, followed by the next week. New case. And the next few weeks. To this day, new cases are reported almost every week - if not every other day. But not only one case, its highest was fifteen (15) cases in a single day.

Travelling to those high-risk places isn't safe. Problems of people like adequate ventilation, social distancing, and even responsibility to combat the physical and aerosol spread of the coronavirus remain.

Before you travel, think about your destination. Be prepared, or at least equipped with the proper materials to help you keep safe from the deadly virus. Or maybe, try to consider moving your sojourn somewhere to another time. Don't risk your life or others lives, don't be selfish and stay at home.


Here's the latest updates of Covid-19 in Olongapo City and its neighbouring freeport, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

In Olongapo City, as of August 9 2020, there are 20 active cases with a total number of 45 confirmed cases. Suddenly the next day, August 10, fifteen (15) cases were reported by the Olongapo City Mayor, including children and a baby that brought the total number of active cases to 35, and confirmed cases to 60. The number of recoveries in the city remain at 22, while the virus took the lives of 3 people.

In the premier freeport, there are three (3) Subic Bay residents that were positive of Covid-19, while some are guests/transients who are currently in quarantine.