SUBIC BAY FREEPORT - Adidas, a sports retail giant, one of the world's top sportswear manufacturers, and Europe's largest, is opening its first concept outlet store in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, in the Philippines.

The new store that spans 798-square meters is located in the front building of WOW Recreation and Activity Center. It's a newly built 2-storey commercial building, somewhat closer to the Freeport's main gate, the gateway connecting Olongapo City's Downtown and Magsaysay Drive and the Freeport's Central Business District.

The new Adidas outlet store would attract those sneakerheads of Subic Bay Freeport and its nearby cities.


The closest infrastructure of the new store is the Subic Bay Sports Complex along Aguinaldo Street where you'd find the upgraded Subic Bay Gym, Remy Field Track Oval, the Badminton Center - that will be replaced soon by a unique, new headquarters for the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, the S.B.M.A. Corporate Center - among others.

The main gate of Subic Bay Freeport - that was mentioned - is currently undergoing a major rehabilitation, that will replace the old two (2)-lane bridgeway, and upgrade it to four (4) lanes, adding better pedestrian walkways, and more appreciable signage.

Adidas is also a part of an outlet store along Petron Station Boulevard, Argonaut Highway - it takes approximately 2 minutes to drive from the business center to the outlet store - it caters multiple brands and a franchise of Adidas Philippines. It currently has apparel and footwear that includes other brands such as Japan's Onitsuka and Germany's Puma.

Near the old Adidas Outlet store in Argonaut Highway, is its rival, Nike Factory Outlet Store, that has been a hotspot for both local and foreign tourists in spite of Nike's shoe outlets being spread across the world.